The Transmission Specialist Advantage

By All Auto Staff - November 28th, 2018 in Uncategorized

The Transmission Specialist Advantage

It might be tempting to have a one-stop shop that can take care of everything your car needs. But transmissions aren’t getting any simpler to service.

Quicker Isn’t Better

If you’ve ever had your car serviced at a quick-lube or one-stop auto shop, you’ve probably considered having your transmission taken care of there as well. After all, you’ve seen the signs around their store offering services like “transmission flushes”, replete with pictures of dirty-colored fluids that would strike fear in any vehicle owner.

So, how could you not be tempted to leave your car for a transmission fluid change at the same shop that does your brakes and engine oil? Because general service shops don’t pay the same attention to transmissions that we do.  

Fluid flushes are relatively easy, and transmission rebuilds are few and far between in most ideal cases. But who’s more likely to spot an issue with your transmission before it worsens? Someone who spends all day looking only at transmission fluids, or someone who looks at every part of a car instead?

General shops don’t know what to look for. But our transmission specialists do  

Give us a call today for free estimates, and experts in what we do. From flushes to entire rebuilds, we know automatics like the back of our hand.  

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