Quality Automatic Transmission Repair & Service in Bakersfield, CA.

Bakersfield drivers have come to our shops for service since 1956 because of the quality and value of our work.

We service all car, truck, and SUV makes and models with automatic transmissions. We are proud to say that almost everyone in our team of over 15 technicians have worked in our shop for at least 10 years. Our technicians are committed to providing your vehicle with the best in Bakersfield transmission repair and service.

repair at All Automatic Transmission

Rebuilt Transmissions

If your transmission requires a complete overhaul, our specialists will disassemble the transmission and inspect all parts, replacing any that may be damaged. In addition, we will replace all gaskets, seals, and torque converters to ensure your transmission will run like new again. Our Bakersfield transmission service team will also use any necessary upgrade kits to ensure your rebuilt transmission is free of any manufacturer defects.

diagnostic at All Automatic Transmission

Free Diagnostic Analysis

All Automatic Transmission’s highly-trained technicians use the latest, state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment to provide your vehicle with the most accurate service. Transmission repair and service can be an investment, so we provide a free diagnostic analysis on every vehicle to help both you and our team gain a better understanding of your vehicle’s needs.

drivetrain at All Automatic Transmission

Drivetrain/Powertrain Repair & Service

At All Automatic Transmission, we will make sure your vehicle drives with optimal performance and power through our drivetrain/powertrain services. From drive shafts to transfer cases, our technicians will take care off all your transmission and drivetrain/powertrain needs. Contact our Bakersfield or Tehachapi location for service today.

tow at All Automatic Transmission

Free Towing Service

If your transmission fails during your commute through Bakersfield or Tehachapi, our transmission service team members at All Automatic Transmission will take care of your needs! We offer a free towing service and will deliver your car to you after we have serviced your car, SUV, and light duty or heavy duty truck.