How A Transmission Rebuild/Overhaul Is Done

By All Auto Staff - October 22nd, 2017 in FAQ

automatic transmission broken up pieces

You definitely shouldn’t attempt this at home.


Chevy Transmission Rebuild (time lapse)
Credit: Coastal Transmission, Savannah, GA

Let’s break it down.

If you keep your vehicle running long enough, eventually the transmission will need to be rebuilt. Also known as an overhaul, it’s when the transmission is separated from the driveline and engine, lowered from the vehicle and completely disassembled in our shop.

Prior to any rebuild, our technicians review all technical service bulletins for any recalls or manufacturer suggested modifications to your vehicle, a step some transmission shops overlook. This ensures any design defects that were missed when your car was brand new can be completed during the rebuild.

Our step by step process.

To begin the rebuild, the transmission is disassembled and each part is carefully examined for wear and damage. While some components can be reused, other parts like transmission bands, torque converters, or gears are replaced with new or remanufactured units. A complete overhaul also replaces every gasket and seal used in the transmission, to prevent any future leaks from occurring.

Coastal Transmission in Savannah, Georgia has a great time-lapse video of the rebuilding process on a Chevy transmission. It’s a prime example of why rebuilds are often so complicated, and why such repairs are best left to professionals at All Automatic Transmission.

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