Transmission Growing Pains: Economy CV Transmissions and More

By All Auto Staff - December 15th, 2018 in Uncategorized

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Continuously Variable Growing Pains

Just Because It’s New, Doesn’t Mean It’ll Last

Planned obsolescence is more than just a catchy buzzword, and it’s true some cars aren’t built to live on as classics. Economy CV Transmissions are no exception, but with some knowledge and tips from the pros at All Automatic Transmission, CVT ownership doesn’t have to feel like an impending rebuild fee.

Difference Between Automatic and CVT

From a driving standpoint, CVTs feel slower than normal rev-and-fall fixed-gear cars. It’s also normal for the engine to hold at a fixed rpm in a CVT vehicle, and doesn’t mean your transmission is slipping.

Always use OEM CVT Fluid, Don’t Overfill!

Auto manufacturers are always pushing us to a “preferred” brand or type, but CVTs require complex additives beyond simple alternate gear or hydraulic oil blends. Stick with the OEM fluid engineered for your CVT, the risk using anything cheaper isn’t worth the saved cost!

Change Cooling Fluids Often

We’ve debunked the myth of “lifetime” fluids used in modern transmissions because we believe a car’s lifetime should last well into the 6 figures. CVT’s usually generate large amounts of heat, so don’t overlook your radiator system with this point.

No Transmission Is Too Frightening; We Fix Them All

Take our word for it, it’s not like we have a vested interest in rebuilding them or anything. Give us a call today for free diagnostics and professional experience sure to keep you on the road…automatically.

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