Hypercars: The Cars of the Future

By All Auto Staff - June 2nd, 2017 in Motor Heads

An inside look at the hypercars of today that don’t need gearboxes, and the brilliant engineering behind it.

One of the things so appealing about hypercars today is watching the technology from these engineering marvels trickle down into our everyday vehicles of tomorrow. Swedish-based hypercar producer Christian Von Koenigsegg has always had a knack for implementing unique technologies into his vehicles, and his solution for to harnessing the 1,500 horsepower from the engine of the Koenigsegg Regera comes in the form of what he calls “A traditional lockup torque converter…taken to the extreme.”

Now we’re talkin.

Enter the Direct Drive System, that uses a fluid coupled torque converter to transmit power from the engine much in the same way a regular automatic transmission would, except there is no gearbox in the Koenigsegg Regera. You probably won’t see a more efficient example of such a device, and the internals look closer to that of a jet engine or flying saucer than a something that belongs on a car.

Check out this segment from /Drive’s YouTube channel, where Christian Von Koenigsegg himself discusses this fascinating gearless transmission. Will we see it in the everyday cars of tomorrow? We’re not sure, but we’re definitely grateful Koenigsegg directed his talents towards hypercar development, and not becoming the supervillain featured in the next James Bond movie.

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