Ever Wonder Why They’re Called Slushboxes?

By All Auto Staff - March 22nd, 2018 in FAQ

automatic transmission graphic view

The Unsung Hero: Automatic Transmissions.

Ever wonder why automatic transmissions operate so differently from their manual counterparts? Manuals might require more driver input than autos, but their internal workings are far simpler than the symphony of gears, springs, bearings, and fluid clutches present in modern automatic transmissions.

The Unsung Physics: Fluid Coupling.

Despite these complexities, Jalopnik has a good article on how automatics work and why they’re so different. Generally speaking, automatics transmit engine power to the wheels through a torque converter filled with transmission fluid. An impeller and turbine inside this converter connect the engine and transmission through the process called fluidic coupling. Because fluids are always present in this transmission operation, the term ‘slushbox’ is commonly used in automotive circles as a result.

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