The Pros and Cons of Diesel Fuel by All Auto Transmission

By All Auto Staff - January 14th, 2019 in Diesel

diesel fuel pump in a gas station

The Pros and Cons of Diesel Fuel

Big trucks love diesel engines, the most common being Powerstroke and Duramax. Diesel engines not only produce more power; they are the right vehicles to haul or tow the heavy-duty items. Furthermore, these giants offer the best fuel efficiency. Even trucks like Ford, Chevy, and Ram all have diesel engine options today. Many of the top automakerstoday are offering diesel-powered cars for optimum fuel efficiency.

Diesel Fuel: The Good and The Bad

Surprise, surprise! There are benefits and busts when it comes to choosing between diesel or gas. Many drivers side with one or the other depending on their needs. However, there are unique advantaged to diesel engines.

Let’s consider the diesel pros before you shop around for your next vehicle. 

Pros – Benefits of Diesel 

  • High Efficiency 

Diesel engines use a compression-ignition system with a higher efficiency than say, your regular gasoline engines. Diesel engines use more compression to heat the air and do not rely on spark plugs. Therefore, since the compression is bigger and badder, diesel engines have a hotter temperature than a gas-operated motor. Therefore, diesel engines produce more energy. Best of all, they don’t need as much fuel, which greatly increases your gas mileage and the time you can travel before having to fill up all over again.

  • Durability
  • Torque Power 

Cons – Busts of Diesel 

  • Diesel is more expensive

Diesel-powered vehicles are usually run you a higher price tag than gas-operated vehicles. Therefore, you could argue that what you save on gas mileage with diesel, you still pay for in the added price tag. The price difference can cost you a few thousand dollars’ difference.

  • Diesel fuel is also more expensive 
  • Diesel engines cost more to fix, despite lasting longer 
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