Dexron, Mercon, and Everything Else

By All Auto Staff - June 22nd, 2018 in FAQ

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Spend any amount of time in an auto shop that deals with transmissions and you’ll be sure to hear a host of words and letters that more closely resembles spilled alphabet soup instead of something comprehensible in normal conversation. Mercon, Dexron, Diamond, Matic K, J, S, DW-1, and beyond – aren’t all transmission fluids the same, or close enough to use safely in all cars?

If Only It Was That Simple

In short, the answer is no, and it’s why you want to use an OE approved fluid specific to your car. Dexron fluids are used by GM. Ford and Mazda designed their transmissions for Mercon. Other import brands like Honda (DW-1) and Toyota (ATF Type-T) have their own specific fluid too.

We’ve come a long way from using whale oil in our transmissions like we did in the 1960’s. As cars get faster, more efficient, and generate more heat it’s very likely transmissions will continue to require higher performance fluid with very specific applications. Aftermarket ATF’s are already leading this charge.

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Of course, you don’t need an Engineering or Chemistry Doctorate to navigate these complexities, but if you’d rather leave the specifics of transmission fluids to the pros, give us a call today. We’ll service your car as intended, so you can focus on your destinations, instead of worrying if your car will get you there.

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