Checking Your Transmission Fluid

By All Auto Staff - June 8th, 2018 in FAQ

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Bad Car or Bad Fluid?

Is your car hesitating when you step on the gas? Is it shifting slowly between gears? The first thing you should do is check the transmission fluid for clues as to what might be wrong. But what do you look for?

Generally Speaking…

Every car is different, not all have dipsticks or easy ways to inspect fluid. Consult with your owners manual if you’re unsure, or pop the hood and look for a handle or plug (usually red) coming out of the transmission housing. It’s also probably labeled with what type of fluid you should use in that particular transmission as well.

When you’ve located the transmission dipstick, pull it all the way out, and wipe it clean with a white cloth. Healthy fluid is usually a red or light brown color. Also inspect for particulates, metal shavings, or any debris that sparkle in the sun when wiped into the cloth.

If Your Fluid is Black, Bring it Back

While checking your fluid is easy, visual indicators only offer so much information, and fixing a transmission is much more complicated. If your fluid is low, dirty, or discolored give us a call today and schedule a tune up.

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