2018, Start Your Engines!

By All Auto Staff - January 2nd, 2018 in Uncategorized

happy new years from automatic transmission

Happy New Year!

Time for those healthy eating and exercise resolutions, plus a new gym membership and workout supplements that add 10 horsepower if you put it in your car’s gas tank. (Don’t try this.)

Yes, New Years is for new beginnings and resolving to make the most of the year before it passes you by. While your transmission probably isn’t resolving to break into a million costly repairs this year, a fluid flush and driveline inspection will give it the best chance of surviving whatever you find yourself driving through this year.

Is Your Transmission Ready?

We’re trained to catch problems before they turn into expensive repairs, and that sort of peace of mind is invaluable.

I mean, we’ve all seen those horror movies where the good guys get hacked into pieces because their car wouldn’t start, right? Transmission problems are (figuratively) literally the difference between life and death. We’re trying to help you.

We’ll Make Sure You Get to Where You’re Going

Whatever happens this year, make sure your transmission isn’t a part that lets you down. Give us a call today and schedule your vehicle for a visit!  Here’s to a very happy 2018, and be sure not to go too crazy on the pre-workout supplements.

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